Best Financial Practices for SMBs

Running a SMB is rife with its fair share of challenges, but finances shouldn’t be your main point of worry. Follow these best steps to maintain strong financial health!

Small Business Advice You Need to Hear

You’ve heard the statistics around how many small businesses don’t make it. But, here are tips compiled from entrepreneurs who have been successful. Practice them!

Traditional Bank Loans Vs. Lines of Credit

The difference between bank loans vs. credit are plenty. Depending on your business needs, it helps to understand which is a better funding solution before borrowing the money.

PPP Loan Extension: All You Need to Know

The PPP loan program has been extended by the government. Here’s everything you need to know about the extension and flexibility acts that have passed.

How to Fund A Small Business Without a Loan

Knowing how to fund a small business without a loan could make or break your business, literally. Check out this list of funding methods for your new business.

How Do I Get My SBA PPP Loan Forgiven?

If you meet the list of criteria, then you may be eligible to have your PPP loan forgiven. Check out this list of requirements from the SBA.

Why Was My Business Declined for PPP?

Are you wondering why your business was declined a small business loan from the Paycheck Protection Program? Check out these common reasons.

Small Business Owner’s Guide to COVID-19 Financial Aid

Business cash advances are a great way to get funding fast. Here are the pros and cons.

How Do Business Cash Advances Work?

Business cash advances are a great way to get funding fast. Here are the pros and cons.

Growing Your Business In 2020

Growing your business in 2020 Share with friends Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Growing your business comes down to a few key principles. It simple but not easy.​ Let’s say you’re past the startup stages of your business, there’s cash flow coming in but not enough for you to quit your […]