How To Leverage Social Media For Your Small Business

Leverage Social Media For Your Small Business

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It’s pretty clear that for the last decade social media platforms have changed how people consume content & products, but have you ridden the social media wave yet? I’m sure many of you reading this are thinking, “great, another social media article.” or “tell us something new, we know social media helps businesses.”

I’m here to tell you that you’d be surprised how many businesses (especially startup companies) are not taking advantage of these platforms. At Uplyft Capital our priority is not only helping fund small businesses with working capital, but we want to educate our customers on how to increase their revenue and maximize their small business loan or even their business lines of credit. That’s why in this blog we’ll provide two tips on how to leverage social media for your business.


Step 1. The “Document vs Promo” Strategy

Some of the top online influencers have been preaching this strategy for the last 5 years, yet very few organizations have actually applied this or even understand what it means to “document vs promo.” This strategy applies to almost all industries across the board, whether you’re in the trucking industry, an attorney or even a mechanic.

Throughout the years it’s been the number one excuse most business owners use, “but my industry is different, we’re very niche.” I’m here to tell you that this strategy works if executed correctly, so don’t knock it till you try it! Documenting your day to day not only is a very inexpensive business funding solution to constantly produce relevant content, but it literally turns your page into an entertaining reality show. Which opens the organization to more customer engagement, prospecting, and increased sales. 

When your page has way too many promo posts, it can overwhelm visitors and let’s face it no one likes to be sold all the time. This documenting approach allows people to gravitate organically to your page because they simply want to see what you will document next. This approach has worked for many celebrities & start-up companies to drive traffic, great example The Kardashians and Kylie Jenner literally created their fortunes by documenting their lives and were able to monetize all this attention. We always suggest getting a small business loan to invest in minimal tools & equipment dedicated to documenting your startup company’s journey & growth 


Step 2. Create Content That Educates Your Prospect

Educational content is the single most overlooked strategy since social media started making an impact on small businesses and start-up companies around the world.

When using this approach there are many ways to go about it, the best way I believe is to educate your audience on how your organization solves their problems through the services you offer or product you sell. Creating educational content not only provides value to your audience but it makes you a trusted source, therefore “YOU ARE THE EXPERT” in your field, & the go-to person when it comes to the industry that you’re in.

If you’ve heard of Gary Vaynerchuk then you know he uses this tactic on a daily basis along with his “documenting content strategy”, he’s so immersed in this strategy that he even shows you how to make videos on instagram. It just shows that inbound lead generation is not only driven by ads & traditional marketing, but we’re also in #2019 going into #2020, it’s time to adapt or die! At uplyft capital we have programs like start-up loans, business lines of credit & other programs if you need financial help in getting your social media campaigns started. Apply on our site or follow us on Instagram for more updates.

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