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Business Funding CEO Michael Massa Interview W/ CHIC Magazine In Miami

My mission is to be a top MCA Fintech company that provides working capital to businesses to help them grow, prosper, and evolve using a seamless, automated and customer-centered experience. I make receiving working capital simple, intuitive and human.

What separates us from the next person? Why are some people more successful than others? Is it knowledge, skills, a degree? Nope, It’s pure uncut determination. How bad do you want something? How hard will you try to achieve it? How much will you risk to get it all?

I graduated in the year 2000 at age 18 by the skin of my teeth. In school I never took the SAT’s, the teachers all agreed to pass me without it. I guess they thought it was too hard for me! Or they simply wanted me out! I didn’t care, I wanted out. I remember that as soon as I received the graduation diploma in my hand, I walked off stage right out the front door, while everyone else went back to their seats to finish the ceremony. I remember as soon as I got outside I bummed a cigarette from someone on the street; lit it, took a drag and as I exhaled I looked around at this new world, this new life without boundaries, It was time to live!

Michael, we admire you for your trajectory and who you are as an individual. Could you tell us what do you admire about yourself?

What I admire most about myself is that I never give up. I know that I am not the smartest person and that’s ok, but I am literally one of the hardest working, most loyal driven people I’ve come across. A lot of people have trouble matching my level of passion, persistence, and dedication, some may even call my tunnel vision crazy (lol). So for those reasons I am proud of myself. I know that I can create, I know I can give back and that is a great feeling.

What is it that you are currently doing to make a difference in your life and possibly the lives of others around you?

To make a difference in my life is to make a difference in the lives of others. I am only as strong as the team around me. I am always available for people’s personal challenges even if they are not work-related. I’m always involved with the people I work with whether they have a car problem, a doctor’s appointment or just need to talk. I’m always trying to help out. I constantly want to know what’s going on in their lives, I like engaging with them on a personal level and see how I can be of service. The happier people are, the more productive they are. Their positive energy and behavior feed to others around the office, which promotes a positive and healthy work environment. I strongly believe the biggest difference you can make in others is by actually taking an interest and caring. 

Could you share with us some of the most difficult problems you have worked on and how were you able to solve them?

I don’t know if there is “the most difficult problem” we view problems as challenges and we face them every day. In my business, one of the most difficult challenges I think has been me. Learning everything from scratch, trying to figure out how to be a leader. I never went to college, I never took a course in this, I had no idea what that meant, I just knew I had to always make the best possible decisions, be fair and be honest. I always overcome all difficulties with planning and being patient. Often people may not understand your vision or the level of where things will go so it all is a process of evolution. 

I grew up in Hartford, Connecticut, drugs, gangs, crime and a lot of ignorance. Living in a bubble it’s easy to get trapped. I met my father when I was about 13 years old so there was never a real figure in my life. I didn’t really care about difficulties, It really didn’t matter to me because I had a certain feeling of destiny. I’ve always known I have this path in front of me, I knew I was here for a reason.  

We resonate very much with the name of your company “Uplyft” Capital. Can you tell us a bit about your company a how are you helping businesses become successful?

Absolutely! When we were trying to think of the perfect name; trying to best describe the company, it was challenging. We wanted a name that was short, meaningful and that could last the test of time and really showcase what we do. We thought of “Seed”, “Plant a Seed”, “Help Grow” and other names but then we ask ourselves – what are we ultimately doing for a business? And that’s when we realized – we are boosting them, we are uplifting them, we are helping them get to their next level. So we are ultimately getting in there, talking to our clients, helping them understand their finances. We are literally lifting their business to capital so I think it is pretty straightforward and when we thought of it, we loved it and said: “that’s the name”. 

We are here to help companies that need working capital for their businesses, that need to strategize their finances so they can run a better, smoother, cleaner and profitable business.

As a leader and example of achievement, could you give a word of empowerment to other young professionals that are in the same place you once were when you started?

There is so much to be said and so many lessons to be learned. Your journey will be filled with an avalanche of decisions you have to make at all times, but this is the exciting part, this is how you learn, this is how you grow. I would ultimately say “don’t worry about making the wrong choice, or being the best or feeling like you don’t know how to do something”. Keep light mentally, hover above all challenges, and they will seem small from that view. This will help you make intelligent decisions instead of emotional ones. 

If you have already proven to yourself that you have a relentless drive, if you can wake up every morning and reinvent your passion and you can handle challenges and manage stress, then go for it, don’t think twice. As long as you believe in yourself and your product or idea, then nothing can stop you.

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