Top 5 Business Podcasts In 2020

Top 5 Business Podcasts In 2020

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Podcasts have really revolutionized how small business owners & start-up companies can create an audience that can potentially turn listeners into consumers if the product or services you offer are providing value in the market place. I personally enjoy listening to podcasts because I’m able to search for specific podcast genres based on what I’m in the mood for, based on what’s out I’ll be providing you with 5 of the top business podcasts I’ve felt will be giving tons of value in 2020. They aren’t in any special order, I think they’re all educational & provides a ton of value.  

1.The Ed Mylett Show

The Ed Mylett podcast is not only entertaining but I would call it a motivational/educational show, he’s a very passionate speaker and a very successful entrepreneur. Ed Mylett grew up in Diamond Bar, CA. as the only boy in the family with three younger sisters. His father was his first example of what it takes to succeed in life.

Ed from a very young age decided that if he would have to work in life, he might as well work for himself and call his own shots. He realized that he was not going to spend his life working for someone else and building their dreams.

2. The Real Brad Lea Is Dropping Bombs

The “Dropping Bombs” podcast hosted by Brad Lea, after listening to a few episodes I knew I came across someone who practices what they preach. A little back story about him that I’m quoting from his site: 

Brad is a self-made entrepreneur with over 25 years in sales & marketing. After training & motivating thousands worldwide, Brad realized that he was spinning his wheels. He was traveling non-stop, saying the same thing over & over, but the only thing that changed were the faces in the room. Brad knew there had to be a better, more effective way to train & communicate. He realized that in order to truly learn anything, there had to be repetition, practice, and ongoing accountability.

3. Small Business Stories W/ Uplyft Capital

The Small Business Stories W/ Uplyft Capital podcast was created to provide how-to tips & tricks for start-up companies & entrepreneurs. With some of the top leaders in business, they tell their stories about how they created their success from the very bottom. Our doors opened in 2012 buy our CEO and founder Michael Massa, he’s originally from Hartford, CT and decided to move to Miami, FL to get into the merchant cash advance industry. He had a vision as an entrepreneur to help small businesses grow, knowing that additional business funding can definitely help take a company to the next level as it did for him.

4. The MFCEO Project

The MFCEO Project is one of the most sought after yet aggressive business podcasts for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I heard the first episode and I was pumped by the host Andy Frisella , what I admired so much about his podcast is that he has no filter and gets the point across.  As quoted from his site, in addition to serving as CEO of one of the world’s leading nutritional supplement companies, 1st Phorm International, I founded and run five other businesses that collectively generate 200M+ in annual revenue: Supplement Superstores, Alpine Sports Products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, Paradise Distribution, and 44Seven Media.

5. The Garyvee Audio Experience

For those reading this article, I’m sure somewhere in the social media world of successful people & entrepreneurs you’ve heard of Gary Vee. What makes his podcast so unique is in spite of his no-filter approach & giving his audience raw & authentic content, his track record of being a successful business person speaks for itself.  Quoting from his site a little more of his background: In the process of Gary’s rise to fame as a web personality, he built relationships with various CEOs and investors like Kevin Rose, Travis Kalanick, Ev Williams, and Mark Zuckerberg. These connections lead to Gary’s first forays into angel investing with early involvement with companies like Twitter, Facebook and, Tumblr. During this time, Gary also embarked on what would become a prolific career as a public speaker, delivering his first-ever keynote at the Web 2.0 expo in 2008 (the content of which would become the basis for his first book, Crush It!). All of this lead Gary to become a fixture at major tech events, including South by Southwest Interactive, where his off-the-grid “Secret wine party” became a yearly tradition for those in the know.

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