Is Uplyft Capital Legit?

Uplyft Capital

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Is Uplyft Capital legit? Many of you been searching online and have been wondering if Uplyft Capital is even a legit company, well I’m here to tell you that I do have the answer.  The merchant cash advance industry is getting more & more saturated every year although it’s still a very new industry, there can be a lot of fly-by-night companies and “chop shops”. It’s very normal for small business owners out there who are not familiar with Uplyft Capital and have some concerns about the company. So look no further, we’re here to tell you that we are a legit company and we’re proud to go over all of our accolades, and how many companies we’ve helped over the years.

Response Video At The Uplyft Capital Offices In Sunny Isles Beach FL.

Our doors opened in 2012 buy our CEO and founder Michael Massa, he’s originally from Hartford, CT and decided to move to Miami, FL to get into the merchant cash advance industry. He had a vision as an entrepreneur to help small businesses grow, knowing that additional funding can definitely help take a company to the next level as it did for him.

Since our inception, we’ve helped over 2000 businesses nationwide. Not to mention all the other business owners that we’ve worked with that, unfortunately, did not get funded from either not qualifying or not meeting our minimum requirements. 

Moving forward as of 2019 we’ve been funding over 150 businesses every month, that fact alone says a lot about our work ethic and ability to continue to help businesses. Another credible source that we have is our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

We have funded over a hundred million dollars in small business loans, not to brag but not many funding agencies that have been in business as long as we have can say they have hit those numbers yet. In addition we’ve also created a podcast on Spotify called “small business stories w/ uplyft capital”, as a way to give back to small business owners that have worked with us and potential prospects so we can help educate growing companies on how they can leverage working capital or even just tips and tricks on how to use social media and other tactics to increase their sales based on their industry.

For more credibility on our founder, there is an amazing interview on Chic Magazine which is a very credible source,  they recently interviewed him on the growth of uplyft capital and how he’s helped so many small businesses this past decade.

So is Uplyft Capital legit? Based on all we’ve done to help businesses in the last 10 years should say a lot about us and our culture, so yes we are a legit organization and if you want to find out more you can reach out to us directly on our website and we’ll verify any questions that you may have about us.

 I hope this article was informative and hopefully future business owners read this as they’re shopping around for a small business loan or searching to find out more about us and see the value in our organization and how we can help not only get working capital but consult and advise on how to properly use business lines of credit and small business loans. 

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